Issue #005

The jazz, blues, folk, and all-things-groovy issue.

  • Snarky Puppy

    Although Snarky Puppy’s sounds are labelled jazz, truth be told, their silky smooth 300-thread-count musical fusions are successful voyages to new lands in jazz, funk, rock, and now orchestral music. The jam band, made up of a wide-ranging group of talented musicians–“The Fam”–grew 10x in size with the addition of the Metropole Orkest for Snarky […]

    Emily Kennedy 7 min read
  • Scott Helman Stands Out

    You can tell Scott is wiser than his years. At just 19 years old, Scott displays a mature vocal prowess and a confident stage presence. His talent, drive, and confidence are genuine, not staged — and it’s a welcome change in today’s world of manufactured teen hits. It’s this natural talent that makes his recording […]

    Emily Kennedy 4 min read
  • My Fall In France

    “I want to go to France” I said. After a particularly cruel winter, followed by an uneventful summer, I decided to go somewhere I’ve always wanted to see. The romanticism of Paris, the wines of Burgundy, the culinary delights of Lyon, all made a trip to France irresistible. And to speak the local language, in […]

    Jeff Rogers 6 min read
  • Bottoms Up With Tim Tamashiro

    When I was a bachlor(ette), every night, around 9 o’clock, I would pour myself a drink, and tune into Tonic. The evening jazz radio show on CBC was a dependably cool evening companion that turned an otherwise lonely apartment into a lively lounge. No longer single, I still tune into Tonic, but now it’s whenever […]

    Emily Kennedy 7 min read
  • Swimming in the musical mosaic of Gypsophilia

    Let’s talk about pigeon holes. It can be hard not to use categories to describe musical genres. Some categories are tight while others are quite broad. No one would accidently file, say, Diana Krall under “thrash metal.” At the opposite end of the scale is “world music.”  There’s a pigeon hole large enough to fit […]

    Anne-Marie Brugger 3 min read
  • Stretching our Road Legs

    I’m the bassist in a relatively new eclectic alternative rock band from Ottawa called The Haig. After some early success, we decided it was time to take a crack at the road. We decided to start with a short one-week tour of southern Ontario. With bigger cities, more people and more venues, we figured it’d […]

    Richard Michels 5 min read
  • Bringing Joy to Swifties

    Taylor Swift brought a lot of happiness to fans in 2014 with Swiftmas, and she’s about to bring even more joy to Swifties in 2015: Vance Joy. T-Swift fans may remember she covered the Australian singer-songwriter’s hit single “Riptide” for VH1: “I didn’t know it was coming,” says James Keogh, AKA Vance Joy, of Taylor […]

    Emily Kennedy 4 min read
  • Vance Joy Giveaway

    UPDATE: Congrats Alexandra on winning our Vance Joy Giveaway! All About the Ukulele and How To Do It by Sarah Austin Designs. How To Enter: Tell us in the comment box below why you LOVE the track “Riptide.” By entering this contest you agree to the giveaway terms and conditions.

    Damn Magazine 0 min read