Issue #003

The Gender Issue

  • Note From The Editor

    When we first thought about doing this issue, it was going to be a “women in music” issue. Then, my feminist tendencies kicked in, and I thought “That’s not equal, we’ll have to do a men’s issue next.” Then my editor’s voice took hold and said “We don’t have the timeframe for that.” Which made […]

    Emily Kennedy 3 min read
  • Ladies of the Canyon

    “There’s a giant panting woman…” laughs Tara. “…6-feet tall…” Maïa says, laughing now too. “…chasing him down the sidewalk,” says Jasmine. We’re having lunch—well, trying to chew amid the hysterical laughter—and the women of Ladies of The Canyon are recounting to me the story about lead singer Jasmine Bleile running down fellow Montreal musician Win […]

    Emily Kennedy 5 min read
  • The New LP from LP is BIG INDIE Defined

    LP sat down and spoke with DamnMag backstage during her first week of performing songs from the new record, “Forever, For Now” (unfinished and untitled at the time). The quotes in this article are from that conversation in July 2013. LP’s majestic mop—curly, over-the-eyes, Bob-Dylan-esque—seems the perfect crown to her easy-going, rock-n-roll style. It’s a […]

    Emily Kennedy 3 min read
  • So, You Wanna Date A RockStar

    They seduce us. Skilled hands moving confidently over keys, kits, and frets. Drenched in the sweat that comes from hot lights and loud music, they serenade us with songs of love won and love lost, urging us to make a move, reminding us that all we have is “tonight!” Well, scientific research now supports what […]

    Emily Kennedy 7 min read
  • The Other Side Of The GRAMMYs

    When they don’t have their hands full coordinating The GRAMMY’s, the GRAMMY Foundation is hard at work promoting music education, preservation and music therapy. How do they do it? Well, if they can pull off “music’s biggest night” they can certainly throw a few fundraising parties along the way. DamnMag attended one of the Foundation’s […]

    Damn Magazine 1 min read
  • Meaghan Smith

    “What do our genitals have to do with any of this?” asks Meaghan Smith. It’s a woman-majority lunch that day, with myself, Meaghan, and Meaghan’s label representative (and my friend) Mary Jelley outnumbering the lone male, Meaghan’s husband and band member (or as she says hus-BAND), Jason Mingo. The night before, Meghan had performed at […]

    Emily Kennedy 4 min read
  • Who Run The Punk World?

    Right now, girls are running the punk/alternative music world with such dominance I’m surprised Beyoncé hasn’t put some clothes on and strapped on a guitar. So, as a thank you to all these awesome ladies and their awesome tunes, here’s a little list of who you should be listening to right now, especially as girls […]

    Josh Tyler 4 min read
  • Against Me! Sing The Blues

    The title suggested that Against Me!’s sixth studio album, and first since lead singer Laura Jane Grace’s gender transition, was going to be an open and honest reflection of her experiences. True to form Transgender Dysphoria Blues delivers a brave, relentless and destructive masterpiece. The militant drum roll thrashed out by new member Atom Willard […]

    Josh Tyler 4 min read
  • Liona Boyd

    Like a maple tree for its syrup, Canada has been tapped for its talent by the USA. This talent-drain has been going on for many years, but recently, one of our greatest exports is reversing the flow. After 20 years in the US, the “First Lady of the Guitar” is coming home. Liona Boyd aptly […]

    Candice Andrews 4 min read