Damn Destinations

City Guides for the Music Lover

  • Desert Music

    So you wanted to go to Coachella but didn’t get tickets. Well, forget Coachella. Here’s a run down of some great live music options in the area to check out instead: Desert Daze A super-chill mini festival in Mecca (another city in the Coachella Valley). Takes place at a ranch with a lazy river, palm […]

    Emily Kennedy 3 min read
  • My Fall In France

    “I want to go to France” I said. After a particularly cruel winter, followed by an uneventful summer, I decided to go somewhere I’ve always wanted to see. The romanticism of Paris, the wines of Burgundy, the culinary delights of Lyon, all made a trip to France irresistible. And to speak the local language, in […]

    Jeff Rogers 6 min read
  • What Didn’t Stay In Vegas

    It’s three a.m. on a Thursday and the gaming floor still sounds like a million pinball machines in a vigorous orgy. Having loaded in and sound checked earlier that day, I’m anxious to explore what everybody calls “Satan’s playground.” As I turn out of the lobby I’m greeted by the bright lights of the Las […]

    Anders Drerup 6 min read
  • Beyond SXSW

    If you’re a fan of music festivals or just great live music in general, there’s a good chance that you may one day find yourself in Austin, Texas, dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World,” and rightfully so. Boasting a diverse music scene of both local and touring musicians, a variety of eclectic venues […]

    Leah Beresford 5 min read
  • L.A. Baby!

    “L.A. is one of those places where you can walk into a venue and see the craziest shit you’ve ever seen,” says Sam Martin. Sam’s a founding member of Youngblood Hawke, that band on international heavy rotation for their single “We Come Running.” “Everybody there’s trying to make it,” he tells me about his band’s […]

    Emily Kennedy 4 min read