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We’re for amplifying musicians’ impact by giving them a true voice in the media to make us sit up, take notice, and act on social issues, injustices, and all those ugly little pieces of the human complex we would otherwise ignore. Musicians are natural observers and social commentators, people who see the world a little clearer and take note of where change needs to happen. And music is a powerful communication method, able to transcend every culture and reach all humans. But we’ve been reading the same headlines for years — critiques, comparisons, gossip articles, party pieces, front-page paparazzi pics — and sure these stories sell, but they aren’t the messages musicians want us to hear. Yes, skepticism has its place in journalism, but when applied to music reporting, it does everyone a huge disservice. Instead, we believe music and the media can be significant forces for good.

It’s time to trust musicians and give them a space to be advocates, to tell their stories, encourage awareness, and discuss the issues that matter to them. It’s time to stop finding angles that sell, and start finding stories that inspire.

Those are the kinds of stories you’ll find here. Stories about musicians who are taking a mirror to their spotlight and redirecting the limelight onto issues and causes that really need our attention, stories about how music can change the world for the better.

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