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  1. I heard Riptide about a year ago. I just sat there in awe for a while. At the time I had just picked up the uke and I loved it. He’s been a big inspiration to me ever since.

  2. I love Riptide because the song is AMAZING and the ukulele is so catchy, and the music video is in tribute to Wes Anderson movies.

  3. The radios nowadays are filled with overproduced tracks. I think “Riptide” caught my attention for the very opposite reason. The simple ukulele melody is different from what is current now and I gravitated towards it. I honestly had no idea what the song meant or was about when I first heard it. But after a few listens, I’ve gathered my own interpretation. I love how James uses colorful descriptions of the meaning he’s trying to evoke: using Cowboys and his reference to Midnight Cowboy. The track is pure gold!

  4. I first heard ‘Riptide’ while I was studying abroad in Australia last year. I instantly became obsessed. Then, the day after I got back to the States, I heard it on the radio, and it was like this little piece of Australia I brought back with me. It’s impossible not to sing and dance to ‘Riptide.’ It’s such a happy song. I love it and all the memories associated with it.

  5. The reason why I love Riptide is because for 3 minutes and 24 seconds I can forget all the things that keep me up at night and and just enjoy a good song.

  6. I think Riptide is a greay collaboration of different types of instruments including the uke. I think I love Riptide more finding out that VJ’s drummer played all the instruments. Its amazing how great of an artist VJ is as well as his band because many seem to forget the band. Riptide is an amazing song and makes you want to dance.

  7. Riptide is an amazing song that inspired many people to start playing the uke. The reason I love Riptide so much is probably because of all the instruments used in the song and I think it’s really cool that VJ’s drummer Ed played a great deal of them. The song inspired me to listen to more of his music making me a true fan. Riptide is amazing as well as VJ and his band.

  8. The reason why I Love Riptide is because for 3 minutes and 24 seconds i can forget about the stuff that’s eating me alive and just enjoy a awesome song .

  9. I first heard Riptide at 3 in the morning at a friends house. We were discussing our favorite songs at the moment, the emotions they made us feel, the story that the videos convey. I had never heard of Vance Joy before that, but dear God, it’s been over a year and I still feel the same things and more. Everytime Riptide is played on my local radio stations, the pride and joy in my heart is more evident than ever. James deserves everything that he’s experienced so far, and more. So why do I love Riptide? It makes me feel at home. The lyrics mean so much more than what they may seem. Every aspect of Riptide and James’s career is absolutely breathtaking. Being able to experience that live today has changed my life and I pray I will have that opportunity again and again. Thank you.

  10. I can’t help but start singing out Riptide as loudly as I can when it comes on the radio. There’s something so infectious about it that’s so wonderful, and it always makes me smile.

  11. I honestly started listening to Riptide about a year ago. I feel exactly the way he does in this specific song, which I am currently listening to. Having the struggle to talk to guys (not girl as he says) can be difficult but he give me courage. His songs are so uplifting and makes me feel so enlightened.

  12. I saw Vance Joy perform at Stubbs in Austin Tx last October and when he played Riptide I literally got chills:) I’ve been following him since then and I always try to go to his concerts. I am glad he is coming back to Austin and I will be singing Riptide loud and clear again.the song is so contagious and I always sing it to my husband even though I probably shouldn’t be singing. I am a huge fan, I wished I could play ukulele. Maybe if I had a ukulele guide I would totally give it a try 🙂

  13. Riptide captures the feelings that so many people experience perfectly. It has a perfect rhythm and Vance sings it perfectly. It is the perfect song!!

  14. I love the song riptide because it kinda reminds me if the crazy rollercoaster called life. In the song he sings about being scared of dentists and the dark and talking about a girl at one point In the song. I love this song because Vance joy seems like he is singing a part of his life.

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