OK Go partnered with Morton Salt for the new music video “One Moment” (check it out on the band’s Facebook page). Why is a 168-year-old salt company making music videos? Here’s what Morton Salt had to say about it:

“The One Moment music video is filled with color, energy and wonder. It’s unlike any other. And it shows us how we can create brightness in the world – if we just slow down and realize there are opportunities to make a difference all around us.”

Morton Salt is eager to teach its customers that, apart from table salt, its products are used in many industries like pharmaceuticals, beauty products, and farming. For example, they’re used to clear roads, soften drinking water and some surprising uses. Now, the sodium chloride spilling from the little girl under an umbrella is also being used to bring out the flavour of positive change.

Together with OK GO, Morton Salt is championing five change-makers through grants and promotions. Read more, and watch Damian Kulash, frontman of OK Go, talk to each founder in the inspiring videos below:

Michelle Edgar, Music Unites – a non-profit organization supporting music education around the world. Music Unites partners with musicians, celebrity ambassadors and music sponsors to promote music projects and events at local schools – educating kids through music.Music Unites empowers children through donations from individuals, foundation partners, organization events and music education projects.

2Seth Maxwell, The Thirst Project which travels the country educating people on the global water crisis and the challenge to change it. In just seven years, they’ve raised over $8 million and provided over 300,000 people with safe, clean water and the journey continues.

3Adarsh Alphonse, Project ArtProjectArt is building the nation’s largest free art school – without owning a single building. ProjectArt has grown from 1 class in Harlem to 23 classes in New York, 4 in Detroit and 5 in Miami.  By 2021, their goal is be in 11 cities nationwide – the next being Chicago, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. 

4Haile Thomas, HAPPY Organization which is committed to a single goal; to inspire healthier generations by engaging and empowering youth to make healthy choices through nutrition and culinary education. PS Haile is only 15! High-five Haile!

5Blair Brettschneider, GirlForward provides adolescent refugee girls with individual mentorship, educational programs and leadership opportunities, creating a community of support that serves as a resource and empowers girls to be strong, confident, and independent.

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