When they don’t have their hands full coordinating The GRAMMY’s, the GRAMMY Foundation is hard at work promoting music education, preservation and music therapy. How do they do it? Well, if they can pull off “music’s biggest night” they can certainly throw a few fundraising parties along the way.

DamnMag attended one of the Foundation’s biggest fundraising events this year: The GRAMMY Foundation’s Legacy Concert, with performances by Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, Gavin Degraw, Skylar Grey, Ryan Shaw, and many more. The event helped raise funds for their ongoing work to safeguard music’s history and promote music therapy research.

Last month, the Grammy Foundation announced the recipients of the fruits of their labour (totalling more than $200,000).

Here are just some of the awesome research projects receiving a bigger piece of the $200,000 pie:

Research into how music can help inform stroke rehabilitation;

How music cues Alzheimer patients’ memories;

How rhythm training can help reduce age-related declines in areas like perception, and memory;

Why musicians seem better at learning a second language as adults; and

Research into the how musical training can strengthen the ear and even prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

See all of the recipients here.

Learn more about how awesome the Grammy Foundation is in our archive piece “Helping Music Feed The Soul”, or visit their website www.grammy.org.


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